"The greatest gift you can give to God is in the person you become." – Dallas Willard
What You Get + Approach
What do you get with a coach?
You get someone who partners with you in a thought provoking and creative process that is designed to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential within the context of a Christian worldview.
To achieve serious results, all coaching engagements are tailored to the needs of the individual.
Three, Six, and 12 month engagements available.
Each session is 60 minutes via phone or zoom.
What is Andrew's approach to coaching?
Coaching is a client led endeavor with the coach serving to support the client in achieving their goals, covering the following:
  • honoring your relationship with God
  • honoring your creative spirit
  • honoring a variety of learning methods
  • future visions & clarity of purpose
  • confidence in knowledge and action
  • effective communication
  • balancing career, craft, relationships & self care
  • finding inspiration in spiritual, personal, and professional life
  • exercising adaptability & navigating change
  • attitude versus skill in life
  • delegation & simplifying problems
Spiritual Formation for Artists
Who we listen to – who we follow – deeply affects who we will become.
Andrew Nemr
Spiritual formation is the ongoing formation of the individual person's inner world. The things we can't see – thoughts, feelings, dispositions – that deeply affect our lives.
As an artist, you are already involved in focused and creative practices. That is what art-making is. You also know what the act of becoming is like – that is what you have done to become the artist you are.
What if we turned our focus and creativity toward our person? What if we could lovingly engage in becoming a really good person?
"My coachings with Andrew have shaped me invaluably, both personally and artistically. Andrew is an attentive listener, and asks questions that prompt meaningful contemplation of one's identity, and relationship with their craft. Working with Andrew has equipped me to cultivate a healthy relationship with my artform, while pursuing excellence in my work as an artist."

Zach O.

Coaching for Life
Knowledge of God – interactive relationship – leads to confident action toward a particular kind of life.
Andrew Nemr
Life is the cumulative output of an individual's formation. Our actions come out of who we are inside. Life Coaching for Disciples takes individuals on a inner journey with a focus on particular goals.
Questions guide the way, as clients learn to discover the power they have been given to interrupt old patterns and establish new ones in their day-to-day lives.
Clients enter into a time of experimentation, testing, and listening as they engage with God in the formation of their lives.
Coaching for Change
The smallest unit of creative action is a choice.
Andrew Nemr
Change is one of the most challenging experiences in life. The often unexpected interruption of common patterns can be painful.
Using the frameworks of improvisation and creativity, within the context of the Kingdom of Heaven, Andrew coaches clients through times of profound change.
Clients experience times of exploration, listening, and discovery as they engage with God in the midst of challenging times.
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