Continue to Grow
with resources designed to help the follower of Jesus Christ
Nothing is better than a small band of committed apprentices to Jesus for individual and communal formation. To supplement the embodied experience of a community of love, I offer these resources.
Artist Formation
A Four Session Course and Coaching designed to empower artists in their journey of discipleship and craftwork.
1:1 Coaching
Are you stuck, need a thinking partner, want to achieve a particular goal, or overcome a particular challenge? 1:1 Coaching may be for you. Having a coach that is sensitive to the beliefs that you hold can be a boost to the process.
Speaking is a way to bring words to life, to embody them in presentation. Andrew's themes interact with the unseen and seen realities as proposed by Jesus Christ while addressing general ideas like love, achievement, labels, and more.
A dream of rest, initially encouraged by Goldenwood’s Dream Forum, NUACH is a place to experience rest of the soul. NUACH aims to provide the opportunity for the interruption of habits of hurry through self-guided materials, gatherings, and a physical place.
The bible has been a challenge for me throughout my journey. Equal parts encouraging and uplifting, and a challenge to engage with. I have experienced seasons of highly engaged reading, and seasons in which I couldn’t seem to get myself to open the book.

The seasons of engaged reading were inspired, energized, and stimulating. During the other times, something seemed to be blocking me. Whether it was fear of the truth I would have to abide within, shame in myself and feeling unworthy to handle God’s word, or distractions with other things, I just couldn’t engage. Regardless, these resources have been a blessing to my journey:
The Bible App
Blue Letter Bible
Faith Comes By Hearing
The links below are of resources that I’ve been blessed by during my journey with God. They include gatherings, videos, books, and events by numerous writers, teachers, and thinkers – all committed followers of Jesus, all I've taken part in myself. These links are here with permission (as needed) and I do not receive any payment in return for the listing.
I have known David Kim and Amilee Watkins since my Gotham Fellowship and have continually been blessed by their work and friendship. The Goldenwood Trellis, Quarterly Retreats, and Dream Forum all benefited my spiritual formation. I can’t really recommend them more.
Gotham Fellowship
In 2013 season I was a Gotham Fellow. The fellowship, hosted by the Center for Faith and Work, a ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church centers around faith and work integration. The fellowship provided a solid thinking foundation and community as I began inquiring about many beliefs I had taken for granted.
Dallas Willard Videos and Books
I was first introduced to Dallas’s work in the summer of 2020. I have since made it part of my routine to take in book or video of Dallas's on a regular basis. There are many books, including The Spirit of the DisciplinesThe Divine ConspiracyRenovation of the HeartHearing God, and others. There are many more teachings available on YouTube. Find out more about Dallas and his work at this website.
C.S. Lewis Books
C.S. Lewis was one of the first Christian writers that I remember being exposed to. I began with Mere Christianity, continued with A Grief Observed (when my mentor Gregory Hines passed away) and landed in The Four Loves. I later learned of the global impact of Lewis’s work.
Francis Schaeffer and L’Abri
From my first hearing of this ministry my imagination was captured. So much so that as I dreamt of Nuach, I couldn’t escape the idea of L’Abri. As for his writings, during a retreat at Laity Lodge, I came upon a tiny book by Schaeffer entitled The Mark of the Christian. I have since put Francis Schaeffer’s Complete Works on my bookshelf and have benefited greatly from his recorded lectures. I would also recommend this book by Edith Schaeffer, about the beginnings of L’Abri, for an inside look and what a life with God can look like.
The recommendations above are done so in good faith. They do not constitute an official endorsement, or official relationship between me and the company/service, nor has any compensation been received in return for any listing.